About SpeakersCorner

Just create something and klick the button "Post"
It will then be exposed on a public place for 15 seconds, but only when there is an active public place. It will always(if not filtered) be exposed here in "History".

SpeakersCorner is the place that allows you to express your thoughts, opinions or artistic energy, in public places.

So far it has been on temporary places like creative studios, libraries and shoppingmalls. But we hope you can help us find more places that naturally has a "Corner", wall and projector or some kind of TV/ screen. Help us setting up a Speakerscorner in your area!

The people behind this project wants to contribute the work for democracy and freedom of speech.

SpeakersCorner wants to give your voice a place both on the web and in public -WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY? -Lovenotes, painting, frustration, revolution or your new recycling-idea?

We are looking for:

  • Relevant walls- places where there is already projector or digital outdoor screens, or walls suitable of installing these kind of equipments -Partners in different countries/cities and
  • Financial and technical supporters who wants to help this project and it´s work for democracy."

We are looking forward to hear from you! info@speakerscorner.com